Stop-Motion Composited with 2D and 3D Elements

For the title sequence of The Birth Attendants, and subsequent interstitials, my collaborator Jennifer Ritsema constructed a handmade book. The image and title areas on the book’s cover were left blank, and later the logo and lettering were composited in place. The logo is framed with a hand-drawn animated filigree, while the hand-drawn lettering is animated with a dynamic hold.

The stop-motion footage of the ribbon being undone and the book being opened were shot “on threes” (10 fps). The filigree and lettering were shot on twos (15 fps) and the 3D CG elements were rendered on twos (15 fps) as well. The composited video was rendered at 29.97 fps. The disparate framerates were resolved in the compositing stage. The perspective shift of the composited logo and lettering elements was achieved with tracking points that control corner pins. The alpha masks for hands, ribbon, and paper elements that overlap the composited assets were animated by hand.

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