Video Game: Koronis


I’m developing a video game called Koronis. The game is written in GML, the scripting language within the Game Maker: Studio SDK and features optional pixel shaders, dynamic music that changes depending on what the player is doing, and an online high score table.

Inspired by the coin-op classic Asteroids, Koronis introduces numerous elements to encourage fast, dangerous gameplay. A “cosmic wind” blows continuously. By activating your score multiplier, keeping your scoring chain active, and following the direction of the wind at high speed, you can accrue “flow time” to unlock bonus waves that feature insane minigames that provide opportunities to earn 1ups. The dynamic soundtrack features responsive music by Alandrune, Doc Hollywood, Neon Totem, Shawn Parke & Kimberly Henninger, and Timezone LaFontaine.

Notes for beta testers:

Koronis 0.9

*I built and tested this on a machine running Windows 8.1.

*On the Windows 10 machine I tested, it crashes on startup and I get an error message saying there’s a problem with DirectX. I’m not sure what the deal is, because I do have DirectX installed on that machine. (This seems to be an issue that a number of people are having with Gamemaker Studio but it hasn’t been addressed yet by the developer.) If you’re running Windows 10, I’d be interested in hearing whether or not it crashes and if you get the same error message.

*The native resolution of the game is 1650 x 1080, but the game will scale automatically to whatever resolution you’re running. If you have a different aspect ratio, you’ll see either letterboxing (black bars across the top and bottom) or pillarboxing (black bars along the sides).

*There is a pixel shader that looks awesome at the native resolution, but it doesn’t seem to like being scaled to different sizes… it could be off center or not fill the entire screen. It could also cause slowdown if you don’t have a dedicated graphics card. If it’s not looking right, or causing slowdown: -Toggle shader off: Shift + K (keyboard), Left Shoulder Button + Y (Controller) -Toggle shader on: Shift + L (keyboard), Left Shoulder Button + B (Controller)

*There’s a profiler that displays frames per second, texture swapping, and CPU / GPU use. If it seems like you’re experiencing slowdown, try taking a look at it. -Toggle profiler on: J (Keyboard) -Toggle profiler off: H (Keyboard)

*The high score table is networked. During testing I would occasionally get a crash after entering my name, as the game wasn’t able to receive the updated high score table from my server fast enough. I adjusted the amount of time that it waits to receive the score and haven’t had any crashes since then. If you do experience a crash after entering your name, your name and score will be saved and you will see them the next time it retrieves the high score table. If you’re not connected to the internet, the game should still run just fine, and the high score table will just list a bunch of “undefined” entries.

*When the game goes to the high score entry screen, and then goes back to the title screen, the high score music keeps playing and overlaps the title screen music. The workaround for this currently is: reset the game by pressing ‘Escape’ on the keyboard, or ‘back/select’ (button 7) on a controller.

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