Banner image showing a detail of the cover of Zoonbats Chapter 5, depicting the spire of the Belladonna Theatre and some of its staff members including Caitrin, Kel, and Bloom.

Chapter 5

While waiting for an opportunity to hop an eastbound freight train to Usy, Bloom begins to tell Toast the story of the undersized vintage corduroy blazer she has asked him to wear, and the mysterious power of "clasp" that she claims it imbues upon its wearer.

A thumbnail image of the cover of Chapter 5, depicting the ensemble cast of crew members at the Belladonna Theatre: Caitrin, Kel, Bloom, Pazil, Nora, Marli, Esan, Murray, and Yura, as well as the community members Dieko and Kina who live and work nearby.

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