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Urban fantasy sci-fi road trip comics by Giles O'Dell.

An impromptu road trip across one of the four moons of the Ansimh planetary system provides the time for a group of friends from a working class city to discuss their culture and the embargo that has shaped their lives since before they were born. Meandering with the rhythm of the road, weaving pleasantly through the mundane and bizarre events of the past and present in equal measure, fueled by the delirium of illegally-obtained hyperconcentrated espresso... Zoonbats is a one-of-a-kind urban fantasy sci-fi road trip experience.

Zoonbats is a continuing story, with each issue containing one chapter (plus several pages of additional art, background info, etc.). There will be eight chapters total - so far the first six are complete, and you can read them below!

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Chapter 1

Three working-class artist friends on the moon of Shinma agree to meet up on a cross-continental road trip in an effort to recapture a runaway robot. Along the way, they discuss their lives and cultures, which have been shaped in many ways by an embargo that began before they were born.  

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Chapter 2

Bloom and Toast drive eastward toward Usy in pursuit of Inaara, the runaway giraffe robot. As they drive along, Toast shares the story of how he was inspired by his co-worker, a line cook named Ricardo.

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Chapter 3

As Wayne and Murray continue their journey southbound toward Eunil, Wayne shares the reasons why he decided to leave Haquel and go work at a henchberry orchard in the Northern Lands of Ruma. He tells Murray about the mysterious musician Myra Fine.

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Chapter 4

Following the breakdown of Bloom's car, Bloom and Toast walk back toward the Disan Plains Rail Yard, where they hope to be able to catch an express train to Usy as they attempt to catch up with Inaara. They discover a disturbing relic from just before the embargo... and then catch a ride from a fellow traveler.

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Chapter 5

While waiting for an opportunity to hop an eastbound freight train to Usy, Bloom begins to tell Toast the story of the undersized vintage corduroy blazer she has asked him to wear, and the mysterious power of "clasp" that she claims it imbues upon its wearer.           

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Carver Ave. Review #1

Included as a additional zine in a specially-designed pocket in the back of the print edition of Chapter 5, the Carver Ave. Review is an in-world DIY publication containing commentary, movie reviews, and live show reviews written by the crew of the Belladonna Theatre around the same time as the events of Bloom's story in Chapters 5 and 6.  

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Chapter 6

As Bloom's story continues, she tells Toast about the time when the usual manager of the Belladonna Theatre was replaced by interim manager Murray Sepulveda, and her concurrent efforts to organize a benefit show to help replace her best friend Kel's stolen bass guitar.

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Carver Ave. Review #2

This additional zine comes in a specially-designed pocket in the back of the print edition of Chapter 6, the second issue of the Carver Ave. Review is an in-world DIY publication reflecting the in-world events at the time of Bloom's story in Chapter 6 of the main series, with movie reviews and show reviews written by the crew of the Belladonna Theatre.


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