Banner image showing a detail of the cover of the Carver Ave. Review #2, depicting a close-up of Caitrin's typewriter and a portrait of three pigeons dressed in hats and necklaces as if they are members of a hip-hop band.

Carver Ave. Review #1

This bonus zine comes in a specially-designed pocket in the back of the print edition of Chapter 6, the second issue of the Carver Ave. Review is an in-world DIY publication reflecting the in-world events at the time of Bloom's story in Chapter 6 of the main series, with movie reviews and show reviews written by the crew of the Belladonna Theatre. Reading this bonus zine isn't necessary to understand the plot progression of the main series, but will provide you with some fun insights into the characters' relationships and the culture of Haquel.

A thumbnail image of the cover of the Carver Ave. Review #2, with a black-and-white illustration showing a trio of pigeons wearing hats and chains and posing in the style of a hip-hop band.

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